Pastors. Pastor Dmitry Vladykin


All the glory in our life should only  belong to God so I would like to thank  and glorify Him for His forgiving all my sins and rescuing me. Looking  back in the past I understand that God gave his favour to me: kept my life safe, in spite of me not understanding His real and alive presence in peoples’ lives even though I believed in Him.

I thank Lord for his reminding me about my sinful way of life many times. It happens inside you when you understand that your life, way of thinking, and your behaviour differ to those commandments that, I think, many people know. And in the light of it you begin to see in a special way and understand the value of Christ’ death on a cross. You know it is impossible to be indifferent to Gods love, favour and forgiveness God addresses to you with. As for me in the face of Jesus Christ I saw my God. After that I remembered the words from the Sermon on the Mount: “Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.”

I endured the justice and meaningfulness of these words and now I can say it makes no sense for me if anybody would say some theories about Jesus Christ, faith in God and Christianity as a doctrine and any wise conclusions, scientific arguments and proofs denying the presence of Lord. For me Jesus Christ is always alive because I cherish Him in all my heart and feel his presence in our life.

We, Christians, His children have our present, our future and a firm confidence that our God is our Father who is always with us and so are we.

So it is valuable to love Him, live for Him and serve Him!