Pastors. Pastor Valeri Pikulev

 “I was born in a large Udmurt family and was the twelfth child. The life in my village Baysitovo, Malopurginsky area, was penetrated with spirits of superstitions and witchcraft, typical as any other Udmurt village. Being a child, I would sometimes think: ‘”If there’s witchcraft, than there’s God, too.” I also remember my mother telling me that there is God, she even made me learn the prayer: “Lord Jesus, save me, a sinner, and don’t give way to the enemy, amen.”

After I’d finished school, I moved to Izhevsk and got a job in the “Izhmash” engineering plant. I got in a hard drinking collective and didn’t notice how I turned to an alcoholic. That’s how my “hellish” life started, with regular hangovers and injuries. The last one, a broken spine, brought me to a hospital. Bedridden, with the perspective of becoming an invalid, I started thinking of the meaning of my life seriously. Then, my mother’s prayer came back to me and I prayed it. I was discharged from the hospital fully restored. It was surely a miracle of God.

Once, during a festival, among noisy crowds of people, I heard some unusual singing: some young fellows were worshiping God, playing the guitar. It touched my soul deep inside. They gave me their address and that’s how I came to the church. On August 12, 1990 I was baptized. Then I graduated from a Bible school in Izhevsk in 1994. So, now I’m a missionary in Udmurtia. God also blessed me with a wonderful wife and two sons. Hallelujah!”

Our vision and prayer requests:

  • To have good Praise & Worship in the Udmurt language.
  • To have new leaders from God and people from Udmurt intelligence of creative activities.
  • To organize productive Evangelism and outreach for the countryside in the Udmurt language.

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