Charity. Ministry for the drug addicts

In June 2000, “Philadelphia” church established a ministry for people suffering from various addictions and their relatives. The head of this ministry is Victor Zaytsev — a former drug addict saved by God’s love and power.

Not always addicted people — drug and alcohol addiction, gambling etc. — fully understand how deep their problem is. Preventive-advisory lessons will help members of their families to learn how to behave in this difficult situation and will answer important questions about addiction of their relatives.

During 10 years of the ministry many of the addicted have passed drug rehabilitation in different specialized centres in Russia. Many of them have re-united their families and now lead a Christian way of life.

Preventive-consulting ministry for the addicted and their relatives is held each Wednesday at 6:30 p.m.

Having consulted drug addicts go to a rehabilitation centre to have an opportunity to give up taking drugs. People having destroyed their own life by their own hands experience God’s love, mercy and salvation. Rehabilitation centres were founded by branches of “Philadelphia” church in Glazov and Naberezhnye Chelny.

Please, read a testimony of a man who has passed rehabilitation and freed from drug addiction.