Charity. The International Center for Hope

The International Center for Hope is a non-profitable partnership founded by both natural and judicial persons. It is a social charitable organization. Our main aim is to improve social relations in Udmurt Republic of Russia on the basis of awakening, strengthening and developing various charitable activities.Basic forms of our activity are providing material support to the needy people ( to the orphans, invalids and families with many children in the first place and involving individuals and organizations into charitable activities. To achieve this aim the ICH is planning and organizing various charitable programs that involve a lot of people and organizations that either need help or can provide it.

The International Center for Hope was established in June, 2000. The Mission Statement is:

"Giving Hope to the Helpless and Help to the Hopeless".

ICH is a Caritable Organization and is within the guidelines of Russian Federation. The Organization has a Board of Directors made up of 5 Russian Citizens and 1 American Citizen. The guidelines for the organization consist of:

1. Providing food items to needy people

2. The Clothes Closet - provides articles of clothing to those in need.

3. Provides an atmoshere of friendship, love, and faith.

4. Provides medical assistance to orphanages and needy families.

5. Assist with items for handicap, i.d. wheelchairs, hearing aids, eye glasses, strollers, breathing suction machines.

6. Aid in supplying vitamins, diapers, and other items of over the counter drug store items.

7. Provides aid to orphanages who need beds, bedclothing, heaters, toys, playground equipment, modular indoor play equipment, school supplies and hygiene products.

8. Provides classes of Christian teaching.

9. Conducts classes based on AA - The 12 Step Program to assist those addicted to alcohol and drugs.

10. Has performances for the different orphanages that teach faith, hope and charity.

ICH was founded on Christian principles and continues to operate based on these principles. In 2000, ICH assisted in 2 orphanages and now, has branched out to visit and assist in some 30 orpanages/internoit schools. The founders established trust with directors of orphanages and arranged birthday parties monthly for the children who had birthdays during the month. Games, snacks, gifts, entertainment and fellowship were supplied at each party. Volunteers were needed to assist in the fellowship with the children, therefore, members from a local church came in and assisted with and arranged study period or counceling.

ICH received funds/gifts from other countries that are used in our Clothes Closet, Food Staples, Shoes, Coats, Games, Hygiene Products, School Supplies and Bibles. We continue with this funding and seek support from organizations and individuals.

ICH established a close relationship with the staff, volunteers and directors of orphanages and the City of Izhevsk, Russia with the faith that trust would be established. It has been done. Many needy people come to The Center for food items, which ICH provides. The City of Izhevsk sends many needy families to ICH that need help. The families have already been screened which allows the staff of ICH the freedom to serve these people quickly.

ICH provides an assembly room where the children come to watch videos, listen to music and interact with our staff and volunteers. A library of music, mouvies and books is available to those who wish to use them.

ICH provides Christmas programs, gifts and entertainment for any or all orphanages that want to come. Our goal is to reach all the orphans at the many, many orphanages in and around Udmurt Republic.

We will be thankful for any kind of help for any of our projects. You may contact us, concerning your help, through one of these sources: E-mail -

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