God is our Father

Perhaps we are so used to say and hear the word "Father" in prayer, in church, and in books, that we do not perceive the depth of its meaning, and we do not fully understand it. Or, may be, we take it for granted and do not meditate on it.


Youth ministry

The future of our society and church belongs to the youth. In the next generation we will see the things that we put into the minds of young people of our generation. These things will be seen through the good or bad behavior of people. That is why it is necessary for us to teach the principles of the Creator, the Savior of our lives Jesus Christ. Young people need to have fellowship and serve the Lord together because they have very similar interests, hobbies and so on.



About us


Pastor Vladimir Batalov


I am  the youth pastor of  Church “Philadelphia”. I heard of Jesus  from my mother, when I was  about 15. It was in 1995. My relationship with God was developing with great difficulties…