To serve??? Yes, to serve!!!

When God created man He gave him three very simple commands, which if followed would make people happy and able to enjoy life. One of those commands is the order to serve others, which is still a command for today.

The Biblical definition of the command to serve is very simple and easily understandable to everybody. All of us have two needs, without which, our lives would be joyless and uninteresting: a person would like to be loved and respected as a human. Christians are called to do something for other people to satisfy these needs. When they do that, they obey God’s command and show the way for others. So it means we have to serve others.

God’s command is still effective although thousands of years had gone by and dozens of kingdoms were disappeared. Each generation has to be examined before Eternity for how they respect His command to serve others.

Our church, like any other church, isn’t exceptional in this test of our faith and humility. The Bible gives us direction in different ways for us to serve Heaven and Earth.

Pursuing the direction of our transformation to better moral and spiritual character and understanding our imperfectness, we decided to continue along the path that has already became the history of the Church “Philadelphia”.