Children and teens. Background of the Sunday school

Sunday school in the “Philadelphia” Church was established in 1993. Two sisters, who very much desired to serve God, led the first meeting. Before they began this sort of ministry, they were trained at one local church in order to be good Sunday school teachers. In November of the same year consistent classes for kids were started. Children workers arranged different festive days for the kids, such as “Harvest”, “Christmas” and “Easter”. At times they visited kindergartens, telling the kids about Jesus Christ. During that period of time 15 children attended the Sunday school, but there weren’t a lot of grades for different ages. The children and the teachers remember that time, when God blessed them during the classes.

Nowadays, the Sunday school has approximately 120 – 130 children, and almost 25 children workers. The director, Antonina Lozhkina, leads this ministry. She is in charge of all of the organization in the Sunday school. She supports other teachers, making contacts with parents of the kids, and setting up seminars to train other teachers.

Till 2002 teachers worked specializing with one-age group, but now every Sunday school minister remains with her class leading them until they became teens. This gives the teacher a chance to get to know the children better and find a way to every kid’s heart. Except for the head teachers, methodologists, who arrange celebrations and games, serve the children. There are musicians, who lead their part during the classes, and are responsible to get the children ready for the church service with the whole congregation. Among the Sunday school, there are children that serve as missionaries, who bring the Gospel to kids in the countryside and villages: such as the villages of Galiani, Kanipholniy, Iulskoue. Some of the children, who were raised in the Sunday school, nowadays are serving in church.