Home groups. Nadezhda Shadrina

 I used to ask the Lord who I was and in what ministry in His church He saw me. In some time the Lord answered my prayers, I was offered to visit a cell-group for women. Christians from America Rhonda and Loran were leading that group.

We learned to communicate with one another, to study the Bible. We discussed questions interesting for us. Especially we were interested in discussing the questions of  of relationships in families, where there were non-believing, drinking husbands, and also of relationships between parents and their children. In a year, one of the ministers in our church offered me to become a leader of the cell-group I attended. There were only sisters in that group, so it was easier for me to share what I had learned with them.

The main purpose of our fellowship is to seek the will of God in everything. We are learning to communicate with one another and care about weak members. We are learning to pray, that is rather difficult for some people, and testify of God’s glory. In some time, while studying the Bible and asking for the guidance from the Holy Spirit, we realized that we must have given more time to praise and worship to our God. And now we want to praise Him for everything He has done for us.

Many people need a prayer support, healing their souls which had been hurt by life around us. Now we realize that through the fellowship in cell-groups it’s possible to get the answers for many questions. A cell-group is a big family, where there are children and adults, where people get a chance to take care of each other.

We also realized that God is offering us an opportunity to go diper into the knowledge of Him and grow in our Christian life. We believe that God has prepared many wonderful things on the way of following Him. May God help all of us in it!