Home groups. Natalia Gorbunova

In 1994 in the car factory district the first Bible Study group by Philadelphia church was held. For a long time it was the only fellowship. Natalia Gorbunova, the present leader of that group is speaking: “We were learning to communicate with each other, accept each other, and share each other’s joys and sorrows. It was not always simple. In the very beginning our brother Pavel Zhelnovakov, who is presently the old pastor of our church, was the leader of that group.That home group was never closed, even during summer. In the very beginning, here in our pastor’s apartment, more than 60 people were gathering.Many church members, who used to come to our group, are now missionaries and church ministers. Many couples met each other here and now they are serving the Lord together. They are the Vladimirovs, the Tarasovs, the Popovs, the Ryabovs, the Burkovs. Praise the Lord! We can testify the great God’s miracles that happened in front of our eyes after our prayers:

1. The Sazanovs didn’t have any children. They have been together for 7 years, took a lot of medical treatment, but everything was in vain. But it was not what God thought. After our prayers together, God made a miracle – their son Misha was born. Praise the Lord!

2.In another family, after prayer, the baby was saved although the doctors insisted on making an abortion. Now the girl is in the 3rd grade. Praise the Lord!

3.After the group’s prayer God performed a miracle in one more family. The beautiful girl was born, though the doctors diagnosed sterility of both parents.

4.Because of very hard circumstances one woman was going to commit suicide. After prayer, God releasedd her from that intention.

5.Many people have been healed from very hard diseases, like TB, hemorrhagic fever and anemia.

How many families have been restored! And all those things have been done by the Lord through the prayers of his children!”