Home groups. The biggest problem in today's society

One ofthe biggest problems in today's society is loneliness. In fact, loneliness, desire for attention and a chance to communicate hasformed the basis of many crimes in today's world. Most of today's criminals and those involved in drugs and other illegal activities, have never been loved deeply, or accepted and given a chance to voice their opinions and to be heard by others. For us, as Christians, it would be a crime to overlook this problem that people in our society face today.

As Christians, we see that part of God's solution to the problem of loneliness was the creation of the church. However, church attendance does not completely solve the problem of loneliness, and that is why we, at Philadelphia, see the need to have small groups where members can get together for times of fellowship and sharing with each other.

We see a clear model of small groups given by Luke in the Book of Acts. In Acts 2:42, Luke says " And they were continually devoting themselves to the apostles' teaching and to fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer." It is a well known fact by researchers that one of the main reasons for the great success of the apostolic church recorded in the Book of Acts was the fellowship among Christians. And we at Philadelphia seek to follow this model with our small groups devoted to women, youth, businessmen, and all who need this way of communication. We are pleased to be meeting individual needs at Philadelphia through these small groups meeting weekly.