Home groups. Vladimir Piguzov

“The godly people in the land are my true heroes!
I take pleasure in them!”
Psalm 16:3; NLT

At all times in history, it has been important for the Christian Church to meet in homes for fellowship and communication. There is a home group at the “Philadelphia” Church, as like шт many other churches. Christian home group on Pushkinskay street was founded in 1997. At the very first meeting just six people came, despite the fact that we have been visiting church for some years. Anyway, all of us were very excited and even antsy. We started our home group with prayer and then tea, in order to make our communication casual and informal. As it is known in Russia, at the table, people can feel more free and comfortable, they can find something in common. We were not mistaken. At the end of the evening we had no doubts that the meeting was successful. We felt God’s presence and did not want to go back our homes. But it was late and so we decided to get together again next time for sure… Here is the result: we have been meeting as a home group permanently for six years every Sunday evening. We had evenings when 50 and even 60 people came. Our not so big two-roomed apartment could hardly contain this amount of believers. So we decided to split and have three groups. One in the kitchen, another group was meeting in another room and the third one in the hallway. We desired to communicate and because of that, all of the uncomfortable and tight space in the apartment didn’t matter. Our neighbors felt scared because of this amount of people, but after they saw that we do not leave a mess, do not drink alcohol and we do not fight with each other, they calmed down. Even some women came out of their apartments in order to stand by our doors and listen to our songs. Different people came to our meetings for the last five years, they had different relationships with God. Some came once or twice, some attended with us for months, but there are those who keep visiting us continually through all the years. Those who’s hearts are burning on fire for God, who actively and hardworking, participate in our talking talks.
At the present moment, 20 – 25 people are visiting our home group on a permanent basis. Through all these years, we have come to think about ourselves as one family. We have a real understanding of the biblical meaning for the words “brothers and sisters”. Now they are not just Christian terms for us that we used to use among ourselves. Each of can say for sure that we come to the home group not to just read the Bible together and sing Christian songs, but at same time we share from our inner heart with each other. We listen to each other and confess our issues, we experience joy and sorrows with each other, and of course we feel God; His love and His High presence. We are refreshed in His mercy and joy for the whole following week.
Frankly speaking, we have not been taught yet to really love each other as the Lord commanded us. Sometimes we offend each other with sharp words or not being attentive. Sometimes we interrupt or quarrel with each other, not being patient, but we learn to love God, to respect Him and each other.
Because that is the most important commandment. If we neglect that, God will not bless us, and His word and blessings will not work in us. We wish for them to work in us very much, because we desire to praise and glorify Christ on the earth.
We invite you to our home group. Even if you do not know Jesus Christ yet. We will be glad to host every new person who comes. Let God’s peace be with you! May God bless all that are reading this article. Let God burn in your heart by His never-ending fire and with His love for God!
Praise our Creator and Savior: Triune GOD – Father, Son and Holy Spirit! Amen!