Youth ministry. Message

Once upon a time, an unexpected guy came up to a school in a dangerous neighborhood. He stood out distinctly from the crowd of youths standing by. The guy was different somehow. That crowd consisted of embittered and wicked guys and girls who acted out against their parents and any other authoritative person. They kept their own rules to survive, and the world policy to not be a “loser”. Their hardened hearts, resembling stone, were set up against God, people and themselves. Suddenly, that unexpected guest started talking about God and about the love of God for those guys. He said that that very God has not been indifferent toward them...

At times it’s hard to believe in such things, especially when one looks at one’s mistakes and empty, broken life. During that time we ask ourselves a bunch of questions, but they make us even angrier… We become enraged without finding answers. That extraordinary guy started to speak about God the Father, about His expectation that everyone could respond to His love. He said that only that Father is able to take proper care of them and can understand them fully. Those words literally have penetrated their hearts and pierced the most secret places in them.

It was an enormous surprise when that brave guy came up toward a youth, who was the boss of the crowd. He suddenly has asked: “Can you give me a hug?” One might guess what made him take this sort of step. At the point of the hug, the guy burst out in tears, even though he seemed to have stone instead of a heart. Why has been happening to our lives? Why, at times, do we hear people say to young people things like: “You are hopeless” or “There is a freak in every family”. That’s not true! Maybe the problem is in us, and we merely never have shown our love and attention to him or her who is like a fish on a shore grasping for the air to obtain a tiny bit of tenderness and gentleness. So, how many such young people wander around trying to find the love that they were lacking for so long, or maybe simply a father’s love that they never experienced. During the day they behave like rebels against our society and authoritative people and at night groan in tears and feel hopeless. But at the same time have dreams of a deep relationship and love. Once a boy said a phrase, which is understandable by a lot of adults, but they are afraid to realize the meaning. He said, “If people didn’t love me, I would probably die!”

What would be our reaction to that? Will we be indifferent when people die or we will honestly ask ourselves: “What can I do for them?” Let’s act quickly upon our decision so that an intention of our Creator could find its fulfillment. Let’s not put aside our decision, but let them know that God needs them, even though they are different from us. Apparently, their behavior is unbridled, their hairstyle is horrible and audacious, and they wear casual clothes that shock us, but all of these things are cries: “When are you going to give me your attention? Talk to me, just shake my hand!” If it were possible to tape record their thoughts we would probably hear: “I am acting like that, because in this busy world no one notices me. I am not loved, nobody needs me. I am dressing that way and have this haircut; because I want people to react to me, even if it is a negative reaction. I have chosen that style of life, because I want to be “the man” at my street company. Oh, If I could find pure love, unconditional acceptance and sincerity, I would leave all of these things far behind and change.

What are we, as believers, ready to do for them to help them out? Are we ready to offer them unconditional acceptance and real love? Will we be among those who have decided to bring a person to the Cross of love and forgiveness? Or we will “express” beautiful words by our silence and that way tell them “go to hell”?

My dear friend, if you are one of those, standing by or in the crowd of “laughing and lonesome” people, then listen to me. If you don’t know yet where and how to find love, which won’t condemn you for your sin, I want to tell you I have some good news for you. First: you won’t find that in humans, drugs or virtual reality. Second: A Heavenly Father reaches out His hands of love to you, He has been waiting for you to come to Him, in repentance, and accept His love and forgiveness. He waits for you to give your life into His embrace. That’s really true, and you need it.

"PLUG into Heaven"