Youth ministry. YM background

Our youth ministry at Philadelphia began at about the same time as the church as young people desired to get together and exchange ideas and input and grow in the Lord. Young people range in age between 15 to 25, united by their common joy in the Lord.

By 1997, our youth meetings had grown to an average of 50 people a week. As we meet together for different secular and church celebrations, we incorporate many ministry ideas. Many of the young people are having more and more of a desire to serve the Lord, which they are now manifesting in the movement by praising God with music, worship songs and Bible-based games. And emotional needs are being met as we share with each other our sorrows and our joys and we support one another in prayer.

We have contests and quizzes, picnics, hiking and camping trips. In addition, we take on various ministry projects as a group. For example, in the winter and spring of 1998 we had an evangelistic outreach to dormitories in Izhevsk. And youth were involved in projects of outreach to other parts of the Udmurt Republic. We did not want to be bound to one place only.

With Philadelphia's Youth Ministry, all has not always gone totally smoothly and without mishaps. Some people came to us, some left, we had success but hard times as well. How can we say that all the time everything is in order and it goes this way all the time? But praise God, our youth fellowship has continued and is moving ahead.

We have been attempting to move ahead as we get together for joint conferences and fellowship times. For example, in 2001 we had a trip from Izhevsk to the city of Votkinsk and in the spring of 2002, we hosted their youth in our city. In July of 2002 we had a chance to have a Christian summer camp. There we experienced God's blessing on us as we were gathered together camping, fishing, and praying and fellowshipping together around the camp fire. as young people from different churches got together and became closer.

At this time, we are forming a ministry assistant group to help support our youth leader in the fields of administration, music, and prayer. Also, we are working at encouraging our youth to share the gospel with others in order for more young people to be able to accept Christ as their own personal savior and lord. It is a joy to share with each other the results of our evangelizing, and it encourages each of us as we see the Lord answering. We are working together to bring God's word and peace to a needy world full of lonely people who need God.

"PLUG into Heaven"