Mission. Golyani

Golyani, with a population of 3 thousand,is located ona bank of the Kama River 50 kilometers fromthe city of Izhevsk. In 1997, Philadelphia Church was able to plant a church in Golyani, which is presently being ministered to under Genadiy Tensin, a missionaryofPhiladelphia.

Genadiy was able to give us some of the background of the church personally: "During the existence of my home group, we often prayed for missionaries and for Udmurt villages. Later on, I had a desire to go to Golyani, but did not tell about it to anybody else. Then one day the Lord ministered to my heart through pastor Pavel to go to Golyani and to serve there. At first, I came with other brothers and sisters in February, 1997. We had a meeting in one house and invited their neighbors.

We started to testify to them about Christ. Next time some more peoplecame, and soon we were getting together for weekly services every weekend. God started to do something in people's hearts as they were listening to the Bible. As a result, they repented. We were able to forma permanent group ofpeople coming to worship God.

Then we baptized people in the Kama River for the first time in July 1998. Eight people were baptized. That was a real party! Soon, their relatives and friends started to come to Christ and were baptized. We were holding weekly meetings in an apartment. We asked God to give us a building for the Church. God had heard us and blessed us. Now we are fixing the building we had bought.

In the summer, church youth helped a lot to fix the building. At this point we have meetings for children at the church. Also, we show the "Jesus" film. Despite difficulties,I realized this minister must not leave the ministry he has from God. I believe that God will bring a lot of people to the Church to be saved!Alleluia!"