Mission. Village Debesy

The village of Debesy is located in the north of Udmurtia. In total, there are about 6 thousand people, living in Debesy. Debesky area is wide in its territory. It's very much connected with the destinies of many people, as the old Siberian railway ran through it. The convicted were being lead on that way and stopped in this village and those who could not walk anymore stayed there. Many damnations have probably been pronounced in this place, which have influenced the Debesky area a lot. Before this the village was called "where the demons are".

But despite all that God's command in Matthew 28:19-20 is true for this village God wants people, living in this area to be saved.

By God's grace in the summer of 1996, the first outreach was done here. For a long time before that the Philadelphia church in Izhevsk and Votkinsk had been praying for this. The members of the church and a group of young people from Sweden took part in the outreach.

Alexey Korepanov, the missionary from the Philadelphia church was one of the participants of that outreach. Now he is ministering there. His testimony is: "When approaching Debesy, we saw the beauty of the nature around the village and we were praising the Lord for His creation. But then we faced many difficulties. First of all, there was great resistance to Gods Word by the people.. Praise the Lord, He gave us an excellent weapon, fast and prayer as well as our personal testimony among those people. In those first days, we saw the first fruit of our efforts. Some people came to Jesus, it was a married couple. Today they are very active members of our local church".
Sergey Klimentenko, a graduate from the Bible school, is ministering in the Debesky church now. His faithful helper and wife Elena's testimony: "Before I came to God, I had been living an ordinary life, but the life without God is just suffering. My first marriage ended in divorce. Then I met Sergey, married him, and new problems started in my life. Sergey started to dirink and lost his job. At that time I was pregnant, so we lost all of our financial resources. I heard that some believers were holding meeting in our village, they were telling about God. So I went and God touched me, gave me peace and I was not so nervous anymore. I accepted Jesus Christ in my life. Sergey immediately noticed I had changed. His first question was: "Why are yours so happy?" After some time my husband also came to the meeting and accepted Jesus. In February of 2002 our oldest daughter was baptized. Now we have a small church family. Praise the Lord.

Then the friends and relatives of Sergey and Lena Klimentenko started to come to God. After several meetings, a new Bible study group appeared in another village called Bolshoy Zetym. Once in a combined service, God performed a miracle, He healed a boy from an unbelieving family, who had a brain swelling. Praise the Lord!

During the Christmas holidays we had concerts, where the members of Izhevsk and Votkinsk churches took part. There were many young people there and they agreed to pray for the village with us. We believe God heard those prayers and He will give His answer.

The brothers and sisters there saw many of Gods blessings where He answered their prayers and healings took place. They also had many difficulties. With Gods help they are going through those difficulties and peoples faith is growing.

Today there are 28 members in the local church there. They take an active part in the church life. Our purpose is to glorify Christ and reveal God to people. Our desire is to see many people saved in Debesy, at least 10% of the population.