19 Apr 2003

About youth ministry

During the last months, several events happened in life of our youth group. We believe our meetings brought glory to our God and joy to friends. How good it is to have fellowship with Jesus and with those who glorify Him.

We celebrated several holidays in our youth meetings. For instance, on the 23rd of February, men’s day, our dear girls congratulated boys and prepared interesting competitions and congratulations for them.

Pastor Sergey Kudrin preached on the importance of youth ministry and gave prayers of blessing. Youth asked questions and received answers from Sergey. It may seem weird, but on this men’s holiday we discussed the topic of women’s. Is women’s ministry necessary, appreciated, and important in this world where a woman is often neglected, subdued, and humiliated? At the end of our conversation, girls presented gifts to boys and we had tea together. We thanked God for His grace which is given to us in the early years of our lives so that we can know Him!

On the 2nd of March our friends – 20 people from Votkinsk - visited us. This youth group is the part of Votkinsk “Philadelphia” Church. We had a wonderful meeting and conversation. We all experienced blessings in sharing our views and dreams, in worshipping, talking, having tea and going for a walk. There are so many young people who are saved by God and we together with them get to know Jesus more. Glory to Him! When we asked guys from Votkinsk how they liked this meeting, they said they experienced a lot of joy. They didn’t want to go home. They invited youth from Izhevsk to visit them in Votkinsk. How good it is for believers to be together!

On the 9th of March we celebrated a holiday for our ladies, women’s day. We congratulated our dear girls, gave them presents, our attention, and smiles. There were competitions in which only girls could participate. As they shared later, it was interesting and captivating for them. The Bible was as it’s always been, the Book of Books for us on that evening. We again turned to it to see how God evaluates the status of a woman. Bible questions which were just breathtaking made ladies think about the women characters in the Bible as examples for imitation. At the end of our meeting we had a prayer of blessing for our ladies.

Then we were preparing for Easter – a wonderful, solemn holiday and an event in mankind’s history. We want to serve people who don’t know Jesus Christ and His love. We want to serve the Church and God’s people. We want to fulfill God’s will, overcoming difficulties and solving arising tasks! As our strength and possibilities permit, we participate in Church needs - we work in the Temple which is being built, we work in kid’s camp in a Selichka village. We also visit a training hall on Saturdays. It’s a wonderful possibility for sharing, resting and entertainment. Glory to God for His work in us and our changed lives which He adorns day by day by His spirit of grace!


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