"And the things that thou hast heard of me among many witnesses, the same

commit thou to faithful men, who shall be able to teach others also." (2

Timothy 2:2)

On April 6-7, a seminar for elders and leaders of the evangelistic churches

was held in Izhevsk. The seminar was devoted to the problems of leadership

of the church. Organizers of the seminar were the workers of the

international program, "Millions of Leaders" and leaders of the protestant

churches in Izhevsk.

The seminar was conducted by Jeff Tarboks, the senior pastor of the church

"New life" (USA, Maine).

One of the problems in the church, all over the world, is the lack of strong

leaders. It is particularly concerned about the countries that have just

experienced a great revival. The number of people, who are able to lead, is

lagging behind the increasing number of churches and born again Christians.

The program, "Millions of Leaders", whose initiator is John Maxwell, is to

help Christians become leaders and to help the people's hearts become on

fire to serve God.

Sergey Ryahkovsky, the leader of the Russian United Union of Christians of

the evangelistic faith, spoke at the seminar also. He spoke about the

situation among evangelistic Christians of Russia and the relationship with

the protestant churches and the authorities. He emphasized the importance of

such seminars because the young protestant movement is really in need of

strong and active leaders who are able to spread the Gospel.

The task of the church, in the entire world, is to help people resist the

temptation to sin, to stir people's hearts, to feed their spirit by telling

them of the good news about salvation. This task will not be possible

without having more energetic, striving leaders, who are able to take

seriously, the responsibility of the service and disciples before the church

and God.

We hope and pray, in the Lord, that this seminar was informative in giving

ways to assist the new up and coming services in the evangelistic churches

in Izhevsk and Udmurtia.


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14 Apr 2005
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