In 2003 the singing group from the children at the age of 7-10 was established in the church “Philadelphia”. This group performed just from time to time, mainly for Christmas and Easter. In September of 2004 the leader of this group had an incitement to organize a children’s choir on the basis of this little group. Many children were asked to this ministry- to praise the Lord in songs. There were many who wanted to do that. There were children of different age: from 5-12. The name of the choir was chosen as well: “Pearls”.

All participants of this choir are responsible for their lessons: they pray for this ministry and have a great desire to sing to the Lord. Repertoire is not big yet but children’s hearts are on fire and they feel unity in this ministry which is important. Children do laborious task before every performance, because they have to learn a lot: to breathe correctly during singing, to pronounce every word distinctly, to listen to themselves and those who sing next to them, be friends with each other but the most important is to love the Lord. Every ministry is a desire to bring its fruit to the Lord.

The performances of “Pearls” together with the church choir bring a great joy to everybody. It is so wonderful when children glorify the Lord with their hearts and mouths. It is great when they learn how to serve Him from the young age and be faithful in this ministry. May God bless each one of them and their parents.


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