Ministry in Orphanage #2 in Izhevsk

Two sisters, who are children’s teachers of Sunday school, have recently visited me. They, together with the charitable center ICH arrange Christian activities in one of the orphanages in our town. We had a very interesting conversation which I offer to your attention.

- How did you start your ministry for the children in Orphanage #2?

Veronika Emelyanova: -The charitable center “ICH” had birthday parties in Orphanage #2. The workers of the Center addressed to the Christian youth to help them. In September of 2001 there were first birthday parties for those children. At that time the administration of the Orphanage did not allow us to talk to children about God. However, the children knew that we are Christians. We prayed that we could tell the children about our Savior Jesus Christ.

-How did the Lord answer your prayer?

Svetlana Bobrova: - It was a wonderful and unexpected answer! Almost two years later the administration of the Orphanage itself suggested that we should have lessons where the children are able to listen and hear about God.

-What did you feel when you came to the lesson at the first time?

V. Emelyanova: -It is difficult to recall the first meeting because it has been a long time ago and there were so many events. But we remember very well that we had a great joy and we saw that those children are in need of love and tenderness.

-It is already the second year as you have been meeting with the children from the Orphanage. What kind of relationship do you have?

S.Bobrova: - There were moments when I wanted to leave this ministry. But as soon as I came and saw children’s eyes and felt their hugs, love and attachment I was confirmed that I am needed here.

V.Emelyanova: - I have already known many of those children for several years. They became so dear to me so that their difficulties are my own.

-Do you see any changes in the children?

V.Emelyanova: There are no big changes yet, but we believe that the Lord will fulfill Its Will in their hearts at His time.

S.Bobrova: -There are some changes in the children’s behavior: they have become more opened and they learn to trust other people.

-How many children attend the Sunday school?

V.Emelyanova: -There are three groups for different age. There are 10-15 children in each group. But not all children attend the lessons regularly. Some children come to know more about God and some come just for good relations.

-What are the perspectives for this ministry?

S.Boborova: -Together with the center “ICH” we are planning to take these children out of the town, to take them to the summer Christian camp “The Ark”. We feel that we need to update the methods of teaching, for example, to start using videos and, of course, to grow in God ourselves.

May the Lord bless all who are opened to the ministry to those children who do not know the warm of the home and are deprived of parental love.

Aliona Perevoschikova was accepting the guests.


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