On the 23d of May, in Izhevsk, a big conference was held in the Ice Palace “Izhstal” in which pastors, elders and congregations of different protestant churches of Izhevsk and Udmurtia participated. The conference was called “Suffering church”. The main organizers of it were the church “The Deal of Faith” and the international organization “Worldwide help”. Support is given from this organization to different churches in India, China, North Korea and other countries where the Christianity is forbidden and under great negative pressure from the authorities and public opinion. The representatives of “Worldwide help” were President Fred Brua, Pastor John Lloid and Director of Partner’s Communication Eric Vass, gave their speeches.

Though the organizers emphasized this meeting was not connected with the events that had happened recently to the church “The Deal of Faith”, one could understand, from the atmosphere, that the meeting was called to remind the believers of the conflicts Christians have today with the authorities, press media and other public institutions. It was understood that it is just a weak similarity of the persecution of our brothers and sisters.

The workers from “Worldwide help” told how the Christianity is developing in China, India and South-East of Asia. On one hand, there is big growth of churches and the Gospel is widespread. On the other hand, the church is prosecuted greatly by the state. Christians are put in jail for their faith and they suffer from beating, torture, humiliation. They are deprived of their rights as citizens, and some are even killed. It is a great risk and, very often, a deadly dangerous to spread the Gospel in many Eastern countries. However, most of the Christians do not turn from their belief and stand firm in their faith. According to Fred Brua the most horrible situation in India is the lack of Bibles for many Christians. They suffer more from this than from the prosecution. It is the same situation in China and North Korea.

The following is exactly how the Christian organization “Worldwide help” supports prosecuted churches: supplies with the Bibles and spiritual literature, gives material support. Coworkers of “Worldwide help” had asked the Christians of Izhevsk and Udmurtia to pray more and ask for blessings for suffering churches. We do not know why the Lord allows these sufferings, but there is an opinion among the Christians that the churches of some countries experiences these suffering so that the believers of many other countries would come to believe, live and spread the Gospel freely. There was a special prayer for the Christians of those countries where the churches are prosecuted. There was an offer of money that was given to representatives of “Worldwide help” for the needs of prosecuted churches.

We believe that we are living in the last days. The evidence of this are the sufferings and the blood of the righteous people, and the prosecuted churches that carry that heavy cross and who are in great need of support of their brothers and sisters from those countries where the Gospel is spread freely.


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