31 Oct 2005


There was a traditional meeting with all preachers and elders of all branches of Church “Philadelphia”. The meeting was held in the Izhevsk temple of Church “Philadelphia”. As usual, at the end of the year, this meeting was dedicated to future prospects for this union of churches. The spiritual vision which the Lord offers today to all branches of Church “Philadelphia” was discussed.

Many church leaders from towns and districts of Udmurtia, Tatarstan, Perm region and Khanty- Mansiysk autonomous region gathered together. Pavel Ivanovich told about his recent trip to the United States of America, where he had preached in Slavic evangelistic churches for several weeks. The Preacher noticed that Slavic communities had not been experiencing the best of times. Four fifths of the Slavic communities, in the United States, (the Russians and the Ukrainians) do not go to the church. However, there are believers that go back many generations. Also, there are many difficulties in starting new churches. All these are grounds to pray for our brothers oversees.

Pavel Zhelnovakov told that he had been at a large gathering of a youth Christian conference which had been held in Washington. While there, he had an opportunity to serve with the famous Nikkei Kruse. Nikkei Kruse is one of the principal characters in the sensational novel “Cross and the Switchblade”. Kruse is not young, but he still continues his mission to serve young people who have had dealings with the law. He also used to be on the wrong side of the law.

During the trip, preliminary understanding was reached with one of the big American Charitable Funds for giving a discount loan to Church “Philadelphia” for continuing to build the temple in Izhevsk.


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