In the beginning of November, the evangelical Udmurt group “Kyldycin” of Church “Philadelphia” visited several villages and settlements in the Perm district and Bashkiria. They had a wonderful time serving the Udmurt people who live outside Udmurtia. There they could see God’s miracles because the hearts of those people were opened to the Gospel. We saw how God revived people who were completely worn out, ruined with sins and diseases, having lost any hope for life, joy, healing and good relationship with each other.

In the village Kipchak, Perm district, the whole family had come to believe in God! Before this miracle, the family had experienced grief, illnesses and lost all hope on themselves and their own strength. The head of the family, Alexander, was under judicial examination for assault and battery of a man after which he would have spent many years in jail. Grief and disease completely broke his mother; his wife was about to fail. We came to that house and cried out to God. When we were about to leave the house the phone rang. We were told that Alexander had been released. It was a wonderful answer from God! Alexander was a changed man when he came home. He told that he had fallen on his knees and had asked God to forgive all his sins. Next day there was the baptism. All Alexander’s family: his wife, mother and sister with her husband have come to believe in God’s mercy and omnipotence; they all were baptized. Now the life of this family is a vivid testimony for all people in the village. People, who are worn out with this life, just like the family of Alexander was before, are drawn to that house. There is another great testimony: the same man, who was beaten by Alexander, visits their house now. He told that God had led him through hell, after which he repented before Him for all his sins and forgave Alexander. Now they are brothers in Christ! Can there be any greater miracle on earth!!

In Yanul, Bashkiria Republic, there was a family which had a seal of death. The husband was always drunk, and the wife was paralyzed, deprived of movement and speech. One day one of their relatives brought good news to their house: some miracles are happening in the village Kipchak, which is not far from Yanul. Then the husband started hoping in his heart that something might be changed. He took his paralyzed wife, put her in a car and went to Kipchak!

After having accepted God’s Word with great eager, they were baptized. Next time when we came there we saw completely changed people! The wife started talking: she praised God in songs. The husband quit drinking and smoking; there was a great hope in his eyes! During those days when “Kyldycin” performed with evangelical concerts in Bashkir villages, that couple did not miss any of them!

In Bashkiria, “Kyldycin” visited three Udmurt villages where people had never heard about Jesus. One time, ancestors of those people were forced to leave their place because of the violent measures of Orthodox Church to Christianize. They also lost their traditional pagan ceremonies. People in those villages told that they needed faith, but they did not know how to revive it. In one of the villages, after the concert, the Head of the local authorities came up and told that nobody had told them the words of Love, peace and true joy till now!

For the sake of these events, it is worth living and worth serving our Almighty God, Guardian for all nations, whose heart so loves and grieves about a fallen world!


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09 Nov 2005
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