11 Nov 2005

“Steps to healing”

Evangelical community has the power. This is the power of unity, power of penetration with the passion of Christ into other person’s life, the power of seeing man’s heart with Christ’s eyes, the power of influence with love of Christ on man’s soul.


There was a seminar “Steps to healing” which was held in the building of Church “Philadelphia” on November 4, 5, 6. The seminar was conducted by Jane Wolf, the leader of the program “12 Steps” in the church Alliance in Salem, Oregon, USA. Jane Wolf worked in one team with Richard Smith, Ester Doumanovsky and Susan Kragt. This program is used actively and successfully as an instrument helping people in church and outside to restore their inner world through healthy relationships with God.

The reality of this world proves that “injured people injure others” living in fears, doubts, destructive emotions; they destroy relationship and gain different complexes.

We cannot move forward without understanding the past. We cannot move forward blaming and passing the guilt and responsibility for our condition on others. It is not wise to close one’s eyes from fear and to be a prisoner in prejudice, illusions and deception. We all long for true freedom! We desire to love ourselves, other people and God with all out hearts.

During these three short days, the church considered serious questions of serving others: to work with alcoholics, work with co-dependents woman’s and man’s counseling within the program of healing, principals of the program of healing and group “12 steps”, family counseling and psychology co- dependence in family. Organizers of this seminar told their testimonies of healing and answered many questions.


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