16 Nov 2005

Celebration in church

Today, November 13 there was another celebration in church “Philadelphia”. About 1000 people were present in the Sunday service. Senior Pastor of the church Pavel Zhelnovakov and Pastor Anatoly Bryukhov conducted the service. This service was celebrated with particular joy because a new group of 16 people were ready to be baptized and to enter the covenant with the Lord Jesus Christ. Both Pastors emphasized the necessity and the meaning of relationship with God in covenant.

Anatoly Bryukhov noticed that it is necessary to put all relationships within church in order, according to God’s commands and not to tolerate unwillingness to forgive (which is like malignant tumor) for it can harm the relationship between members of the church. People, who entered the covenant with the blood of Jesus Christ and were forgiven for many sins, should forgive all their offenders in order to receive the blessing.

Senior Pastor Pavel Zhelnovakov analyzed the concept covenant as a type of relationship sealed with a vow and confirmed with blood of those who enter the covenant as a prove of indestructible relationship. This type of relationship included mutual protection, support and special communication between two sides. The power of a covenant relationship could bring serious punishment such as shame on their family’s name and even death of those who betrayed the relationships.

The Pastor paid attention to two Covenants described in the Bible. Those two covenants are main components of the faith. They are the covenant with Abraham and New Covenant. The later one is the most remarkable because it was made not with a man but with His Guarantor, Mediator and High Priest, our Lord Jesus Christ. A man participates in this Covenant not directly to the Father but through Jesus Christ. This new type of relationship is based on Golgotha’s sacrifice which is indisputable prove of God’s love toward people. Golgotha’s sacrifice is the only opportunity for a man to fulfill his predestination and praise God through communication of our Lord Jesus Christ.

It was wonderful that seven people desired to accept Jesus during the prayer. Five of them are deaf young ladies. God saves people greatly! After couple of hours the celebration was continued in the Temple where all 16 people entered into new level of the faith: they were baptized in the name of Jesus!


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