17 Nov 2005

Seminars for parents

On 11 and 12 of November special seminars for parents took place in “Philadelphia” church. Issues of children between three and fifteen years age special features and more serious parents raising methods became subject of the seminars. Undoubtedly, the issue is very actual for every family, where parents is care about raising children within Christian principles. Biblical and psychological approaches were analyzed. Special parents attention was drawn to the subject of psychological children traumas and to the giving them aid in order to restoring trusting relation with parents, community, and God. Christian professional psychologist Jane Wolfe (USA) was dwelling on the subject, as she ministering in her church in helping depending people field. Other issues were analyzed by “Philadelphia” church tutors.

Sufficient number of parents highly evaluated the seminar. By their words, it gave them assurance for relationship with their children, increased child’s value in their opinion, and helped them get deeper understanding of God’s responsibility principle for children and parents, nad many other things. Praise the Lord, that He is taking care about our children, and about their parents, as a God of order, love and futurity.


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