18 Nov 2005

No thyroid gland increase

My name is Svetlana Yamshanova, I am a of 5th year student of Izhevsk Medical Academy. I want to tell you about a miracle of curing, that God made in my life one month ago. Nearly 6 month ago my short-sightedness became to increase, a feeling of suffocation was constantly bothering me and hands tremor. Being a medicine, I realized that some dangerous processes started in my organism. I made a Ultra Sound of thyroid gland and made test for my hormones. Ultra Sound revealed thyroid gland growth of III degree and all hormones high rated. TSH = 4.64. On 28 of October my heart pressure became 150/90 and pulse was 110 beats per minute, I was fainting, I had not felt my feet muscles. I had to go to doctor. The following diagnosis was given to me – diffused toxic goitre and corresponding treatment was assigned to me.

When I was in church later this evening, pastor Pavel Zhelnovakov pointed out that I was depressed. After he asked me about the situation he asked to pray for me with alloy anointing, according to Bible. After the prayer I felt very much better, feet muscles feeling turned back to me. I realized that God cured me from this disease.

After this a made another tests on my hormones and Ultra Sound. Tests had shown that there is no tumor increase of shield tumor, even the first degree, and hormones level is normal! Praise to our Lord Jesus Christ! Doctor that gave me that diagnosis was astonished, that this serious medical disease disappeared without any medical treatment.

I am very thankful to my Lord for His great love and mercy to me. I also want to inspire all those, who are suffering with different diseases. God has not turned away from us, His love to us has not disappeared, and His curing power is still enough to heal you. Look for His mercy to you. God bless you!


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