05 Jun 2006

Tatarstan latest news

During the second part of May in Tatarstan we hosted a musical band “Liga-J”. Before that we intensively had been praying a lot. Many Christians were asking God to send His salvation to the people over there.

In the Nizhnekamsk city prison inmates have heard about Jesus, though there are some Christians already in there. In May 19, when musicians came to them was a great day, since inmate-Christians had been dreaming for years about to set up a concert. The Holy Spirit made their hearts soft and invited to Salvation! Later, in 10 days in the same city citizens had a chance to have this band in one of the best City Halls.

Everywhere in the city we had posters. Several city evangelical churches were involved in this very project. Some people were very interested in the Gospel we hope they would continue!


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