09 Aug 2006

We’ve been to Estonia!

We’ve been to Estonia!

A small town of Vyru is located in southeastern Estonia. A group of young Udmurts was sent to this very place from our Church for experience exchange on outreach. We had an opportunity to spend 10 days over there, from 13 to 23 July.

Every day we were starting with morning devotions; the book of Acts had been surveyed. Special attention was drawn to what the Holy Scriptures say about mission. And then, on the evening we were able to practice what we had been taught in the morning thru our folk concerts. Together with the Estonian and the Norwegian groups we made some programs for kids and then for adults. The Estonians, the Norwegians and we, the Udmurts, everyone worshiped God in our native languages, but we did it in one spirit.

We had a privilege to pray for Estonian and Norwegian peoples and they prayed for the revival among the Udmurts.

This trip refreshed our devotion and we gained a foothold in importance of our ministry.

We are very grateful to the Methodist Church in Vyru for their warm welcome and care, especially to pastor Kaupo Kant.


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