The book "Acts of the Apostles" is full of stories about how the Word of God has touched people and their life changed. People came to believe and got baptized. These events still happen in lives and fates of Udmurt people. The Word of God, sewed by ministry of Udmurt missionary group, gives its plantings. So, people, believed in the Lord Jesus Christ, got baptized in the village Novyi Uchan (territory of Alnashi) and in Udmurt Shagirt (the Perm territory). It took place outside as a testament for all village. Locals had an ability to attend concert of "Inkrez" and "Shumpoton" musical bands, and also to become bystanders of water baptization. At that time the Spirit of God touched people very much, so they testified this to other people from the village.


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11 Aug 2013
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28 Jul 2013
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