15 years in a row, Christian youth ministry “Plug into Heaven” of “Philadelphia” church arranges recreational camp on the Vala river. This year about 180 people from Izhevsk, towns and villages of Udmurtia, Tatarstan, the Samara Region and Moscow visited it. Annually this time continues to surprise by its novelty in every sense: in revelations and experiences from God, in relationships with people, in incredible openness and soulfulness of the whole atmosphere, in those perspectives and new horizons that open in front of all the participants after the camp.

What was new and special? This time three bishops preached and ministered to the youth: Pavel Zhelnovakov, senior pastor of “Philadelphia” church in Izhevsk, Boris Kokhan, senior presbyter of Belgorod union of the RCCEF, and Alexander Nikolaev, pastor of “Holy Trinity” church from Miass city from the Chelyabinsk region. Boris Vladimirovich and Alexander Alekseevich spent several days with us and gave seminars for married brothers and sisters, and ministered with prayer and personal talks to those who especially needed it.  

Also the youth listened to the sermons of Alexey Ivshin, senior pastor of “God’s Grace” church in Izhevsk, chaplain of “The Royal Rangers” ministry Sergey Sukhanov, and of course youth pastor of “Philadelphia” church of Izhevsk Vladimir Batalov. Besides, during the camp seminars for the singles and about music were held.  

Every message spoken by the speakers into youth’s hearts touched the most serious and vital topics about mission in life, ability to build relationships with people, victory of faith over this world and many other questions that offered to reevaluate many life priorities.

This year guests from Kazan visited our camp – those were the musicians from “Cornerstone” church, who served God and people with their hearts and talents, helping all participants to praise God and worship Him. They came to us for the first time but we sincerely hope for future friendship and frequent visits on both sides. Three groups of the youth worship bands from Izhevsk under leadership of Vasiliy Shklyaev, Evgeniy Chernitsyn and Mikhail Klimov also lead youth in worship at morning and evening services.

The organizers of the events tried to delight everyone with an eventful and interesting program. Bible quiz, detective and intellectual games, creative contest ”Make it in 60 seconds”, sport events and splashing - all this filled hot summer days on the Vala river with even more impressions. The weather allowed us to arrange sport events: tennis, volleyball and football tournaments. This time camp takeover day took place for the first time at the Vala camp – teams campaigned for their candidates for the position of the Vala President and presented their programs of one day. In the end, the winning team successfully organized the day: they held a talk show with Vladimir Batalov and Boris Kokhan, landing workshops and workshops on travelling abroad, photo shoots for everyone, “The Mafia” game with the rules of semi-professional league and night cinema.   

Every year we eagerly await the Vala camp, expecting something new and unusual, something special and important and these anticipations never failed us: every year young people come back with a lot of impressions and experiences from God, with new goals and aspirations. This year was no different – memories of the time on the Vala will warm hearts during the whole year until there comes time when we will pack our bags again and go to the place that has become dear to us, where God talks to everyone who seeks Him.

Dilyara Porseva






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