On February 17-18 another meeting of the Ministry “25-45” was held in the village of Nagorny. 43 people from different churches of the cities of Izhevsk, Perm, Tchaikovsky and  other localities arrived to the meeting. We really try to make every meeting special and unforgettable. So this time  we held it as a “Hat Party”.  Everyone created their own image to express their individuality. The atmosphere of the event was in fun and friendly.  Together we praised the Lord, prayed and got to know each other better.

Vladimir and Elena Batalovs were the guests of our meeting this time. As always, the conversation was vivid, honest, and sincere. We discussed the subjects that single brothers and sisters concern for. We believe that everyone found something new and got things to think about.

Vera Malykh,

Lilya Zaschikhina


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