On May 20 «25-45» ministry had a chance to visit Church of Jesus Christ in Tchaikovsky. The meeting there gathered about 70 people and was called «Obvious and unbelievable». Obvious is something that we, as people, can see and assume. Unbelievable is something that our God can create and grow.

Pastor of Jesus Christ Church Evgeniy Goldobin served that day with his sermon. The worship group of «25-45» ministry was encouraging us with their songs. As usual, there were fun contests, pranks, surprises. In an informal atmosphere, brothers and sisters from different churches could get to know each other. Our friends from Tchaikovsky cooked very tasty pilaff in a giant cooking pot.

After lunch round tables took place on the following topics: how to fight shyness, finances in Christianity, style and fashion, ethics and manners in relationships. The topics turned out to be relevant and they caused heated discussions.  

This wonderful spring evening ended with a walk on the embankment. Thanks to this trip we met new friends and were inspired by the ministry of brothers and sisters from the neighboring region.

Vera Malykh


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