05 Mar 2017

Answer in God

On March 5 pastor Dmitry Vladykin preached a sermon at the first Sunday service. He said that we often have serious questions to God. The heroes of the Bible had such questions, too: Job suffered from disease and didn’t know why (Job 19:7-10), Asaph couldn’t understand why the wicked prosper (Psalm 73:3). At some point for them their hardships had become the stone that caused them to stumble. They could not find the answers until  they met God personally (Psalm 73:17). The preacher pointed out the idea that  we can find the answers to the most hard questions only in the Person of Jesus Christ.

Pastor Aleksey Obukhov started his sermon from the questions: “Who wants to be happy?” and “What is happiness?” Everyone knows that happiness is relative: someone is happy having a new pair of shoes, and someone is unhappy having a new car. “Happiness does not depend on your wealth” – said Solomon (Ecclesiastes 5:9-12). What is happiness then? The Bibles says that happy are those who rely not upon their own strength but upon God (Psalm 2:12), and who build their life together with Him.

At the second service the church blessed newly wed couple – Alexander and Polina Russkikh.

Irina Konovalova



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12 Mar 2017
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