On July 30 at Sunday service in “Philadelphia” church in Izhevsk pastor Alexey Obukhov called the church to be attentive to one another. It is about seeing people’s needs and responding to them in time. The preacher said that it is hard to be attentive to people who are not pleasant or you do not have any profit from them. But we can learn to do this from the Bible characters. Like the good Samaritan helped the injured man on the road, or Abraham did not look back at the fact that his nephew Lot had left him and had chosen a place close to Sodom, but he went to rescue him when he was taken captive. When we read these stories we understand that these people paid the price to be attentive to their neighbor and we should follow their examples.

Senior pastor continued the service and preached on children and their upbringing. The pastor paid attention to the episode that is written in the Gospel of Matthew 19:13-15, which reflects the relationships between Jesus and the children, He says: “Let the little children come to Me and do not hinder them”. Here we can come to two conclusions: it is normal when parents use their power and bring children to God, because they are responsible for them, but the children should also want it themselves. To bring children to God does not mean to simply make them sit at the service. The pastor answered this question with several practical suggestions. Firstly, he defined the boundaries of the Sunday school, which purpose is not in the upbringing of children, but in cooperation between parents and the Sunday school. Secondly, the pastor called the parents to teach their children from the early age to stay with them during the service, and to find time for praying together with them at home. He also paid attention that it is important to form correct attitude to God’s order, to the church and to God’s and father’s blessings, which are neglected more and more nowadays. Ultimately, not only should we not hinder children from coming to Jesus, but also to create conditions, so that our children would later wish for this blessing.

Irina Konovalova


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