On February 4 children aged 10-11 from the children ministry of «Philadelphia» church, Izhevsk, and their parents and ministry servers went to the exposition «Nature of Udmurtia» in the National museum of the Udmurt Republic named after Kuzebaj Gerdt.
The aim of this visit was to let the children communicate out of the regular classes of the Sunday school and learn more about the nature of the homeland.
Both children  and adults had an opportunity to take a mental trip to the past of the Earth and look at  God's amazing creatures: plants and animals most of which have become extinct leaving few traces in the history of our planet. We studied these traces due to natural samples and their images on a relief wall. The kids learnt about a furry rhinocerous and other lange animals that lived on our land centuries ago.
We got to know more about common and rare inhabitants of our forests, heard the recordings of various bird singing: waxbirds, sandpipers, owls. While being in the children area, our young museum visitors could feel as if they were paleontologists. At the end of our trip we learnt about our closest neighbors: those animals that live in the city.

We thank God for such an opportunity to talk, learn something new and just have a great time together.

Marina Nepomyaschaya


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