On January 7 a Christmas concert was held in the big hall of “Philadelphia” church of Izhevsk.

All the comers could hear famous Christmas hymns sang by the choir and musical worship group of the church. The children of a creative studio “Stupeni” (TN – “steps”) also sang a song about Christmas, the dance ministry of  the church delighted the audience with a wonderful dance.  The guests of the concert watched a musical video telling the testimony of how one of the church’s families came to faith in God. National Udmurt and Tatar ensembles performed dances and songs in their native tongues.

After the concert Senior pastor of the church spoke a sermon about the true joy of Christmas. An angel told the shepherds the news of the Savior’s birth and that it was great joy to all the people. (Luke 2:9:11). The pastor paid a special attention to the fact that in spite of the news told by the angel is great joy to all the people, there are still some hindrances that prevent the joy from coming to their lives. A vivid example of such hindrance is the story of the Babylon Tower when people challenged God having become too arrogant (Genesis 11:1-9). Arrogance is always the reason of all people’s sorrows, and it will never let people bow before God. As long as people search for joy in their arrogant ambitions, they will be miserable. True joy brought to the world by the birth of Christ is that we can bow before Christ repenting and admitting our ambitions to be failures. Christmas has given every human the opportunity to reconcile with their Creator and gain the joy of Christmas. 

Diliara Porseva


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