Cordially congratulate you on Easter, Christ’s Resurrection!

Easter is more than just a celebration. It is the event that changed the course of history and gave us the right for hope and promising future. May we let go of grudges and disappointments, repent and chase away someone’s pain…

I wish all of you to have peaceful and grateful hearts, confidence in the future and experiencing His holy presence in your life during these Easter days.

Celebrating Easter let us remember that for us it is a priceless gift of forgiveness, and for our Savior it is the pain of the Cross, people’s mockery and a passionate prayer to the Father about our destiny and purity of our lives.

May the memory of the Calvary Cross change your hearts for love and ministry, brining comfort in times of hardships. Christ is risen! Truly, He is risen!

Best regards and prayers,

Senior pastor of the church

Pavel Zhelnovakov


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16 Apr 2017
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