Sunday, November 26, was Mother’s Day – a special day when everyone has an opportunity to congratulate the closest person, the one who gave you life. “Philadelphia” church in Izhevsk prayed for mothers with lifted hands.

Nikolay Zalutsky – Head Bishop Deputy of RCCEF in the Northwestern federal district -preached at the service. He drew attention of the church to the question of life importance – the question of passing on the faith to the next generation. Just as the pharaoh did not want to let children go to the wilderness with the Israelites (Exodus 10:8-10), so the devil does not want children to walk in faith nowadays. And it is not a surprise, for God gave two big commissions to the church – to preach the Gospel to all people and to lift up a new generation for Christ by passing on the faith. But unfortunately children do not always choose to live with God. Examples from the Bible can show us that very often broken lives of children is the consequence of their parents’ actions. The story of Jepthah from the Book of Judges chapter 11 reminds us that sometimes great success is achieved by huge sacrifices. The price of Jepthah’s victory was his daughter – she never got married. Are we often so busy that we do not have time for our family and children? If you set your priorities right it will help you not to change the life of your child for your career and money. Because of wickedness and hypocrisy of Jeroboam and his wife their son Ahijah died (1 Kings 14). Perhaps if they had come to the prophet with repentance, God would have had mercy on them and their son would have stayed alive. Take a look at your life – perhaps hypocritical faith and disconnect between your words and actions are your constant companions. It is important to act decently, because we can teach our children to follow God only by the example of our lives.

“The church of the Lord, can you hear your Lord is calling you” – these were the words of the first hymn that day. “What should the church hear?” – asked senior pastor of the church Pavel Zhelnovakov. In Mathew 13:14-15 we read: “You will be ever hearing but never understanding…For this people’s heart has become calloused”. Pastor distinguished two reasons why people’s hearts become calloused: great quantity of information, that claim to be God's revelations (Hebrews 13:9), and voices of false teachers (2 Peter 2:1-2). The question arises here – how not to lose our ability to hear? The answer is quite simple. We need to watch what information penetrates us every morning (Isaiah 54). If God’s Word forms us every morning, we will be able to hear all day. After three years of drought, Elijah was the first one to hear the sound of the rain and he expected it in prayer (1 Kings 18). His faith and ability to hear let him know earlier than anybody else about the approaching blessing. Can our heart hear the sound of rain long before it appears?

Irina Konovalova




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