“Do we believe in God or in His existence?” – this question was asked by pastor Alexey Obukhov at Sunday service in “Philadelphia” church in Izhevsk on December, 10.

Sometimes we believe, but this faith is not enough even for little nothings of life – an occasional circumstance can throw us off our trust in God. We believe that God created the Earth – long time ago – but we cannot cast a thought that He continues to create now. We believe that everything marvelous and wonderful happened in the past – and stayed there. And we are afraid to confess that our yesterday’s faith does not help us. The pastor turned for wisdom to the fathers of faith (Hebrews 11): to Noah, who had been building the ark for a hundred years in the world that had never seen rain before, to Abraham who went to an unknown land that was promised to be his heritage, to barren Sarah who had her first son at the age of 90. Like Moses we are afraid to accept God’s plan, we want to act on our own, which turns us from princes to shepherds, and ultimately we come to God to produce much work by faith and to live the life that is worthy of Jesus.

Iljas Mukhametdinov, who also preached at the service, suggested a very interesting image – Christian repentance in its essence is like a pass to the Kingdom of Heaven. But this pass has a unique feature – the photo is that of Jesus. The thing is that our Christian “recognizability” is our pass, for Jesus said: “No one comes to the Father except through me” (John 14:6). It is about spiritual, not physical, resemblance. We as Christians are inevitably interested in how to acquire this resemblance. And it exists: try on His humility. Iljas thoroughly covered the topic using the example of the 31st Psalm, whose author was David. David knew how to please the Lord. Do you know?

The church also blessed the Fomins, who had their second child – son Gleb. We congratulate them and wish God’s peace and joy!

Egor Gvozdikov




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