On March 19 a youth leader Konstantin Gogolev preached at the second service of “Philadelphia” church in Izhevsk. He said that just as the Jews entering the Promised Land came across people of great size (Numbers 13:32,34), in our life we come across overwhelming circumstances: deceases, financial difficulties, fears. These are our people of great size, whose task is to frighten us, and if we give up and start to panic, we inevitably lose. Here the question arises: how to win a man of great size? To answer the question Konstantin uses the story of David. First of all, you need to meet him boldly as David did in the First Book of Samuel 17:48. Secondly, you need to act according to your gifts (1 Samuel 17:39-40). To recall your previous victories is another condition of a successful fight (1 Samuel 17:34-37). And finally, we need to attack them with the Word of God and living faith (1 Samuel 17:47). Then, when we do not fall under influence of our emotions, but act according to God’s Word, God will give us victory.

Pastor Oleg Malykh said that every person is given a vocation from God, a mission they have to fulfill. But some people, as Abraham, hear the voice of God, trust Him, and go where He sends them. Others do what they think is right, Jesus said about them in the Gospel of Matthew 7:21-23. The preacher emphasized that it is very important to know if you act according to what God called you to do. And to know is possible if you have personal relationships with God. It is also very important to remember that God will test your every action, that is why we need to be ready when doubts or temptations come and meet them with prayer.

Irina Konovalova


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