People can make a decision to follow Jesus and make a covenant with God at different ages. It is especially precious when this important decision is made in youth and, thus, faith leads the person throughout all their lives. However a long way to salvation can become for someone a special experience that helps the person to become affirmed in God's word and in their will to follow Jesus.

On March 14 four young men and one girl made a covenant with the Lord through water baptism in “Philadelphia” church in Izhevsk. Each of them had their own way to this decision. This event was joyful not for the baptized only  but also for their relatives and friends who came to support them and share this moment with them. 

Pastor Dmitry Vladykin briefly reminded the present about the essence of baptism that is not only an ancient ritual with a deep mystic meaning. It is a covenant with the Lord, the pledge of a clear conscience toward God, the decision to follow Jesus Christ and to be open to God's instructions and blessings.

After the ceremony of baptism the pastors prayed for the five to be baptized with the Holy Spirit.


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