“Sometimes people want to know God’s will concerning  this or that, but for me it is very simple: to fulfil God’s will is  to eat bread. That’s why I can serve in Siberia” – the guest of “Philadelphia” church in Izhevsk Igor Goloskubov admitted at the Sunday service on March 26. The servant shared his thoughts and his pain as a father and a servant, God’s pain, for His lost children. In his speech he  literally spoke of children: many orphans, the kids with broken lives, who are forgotten by their parents, who lack attention, the ones whose parents lie to them and whose confidence is shattered. It is nonsense to say that children don’t understand much. Maybe the realization comes later, but they see and memorize everything. If you are indifferent to them, they feel it. If you don’t do what you say, they see it. If you leave them alone, they are at a loss. If  you don’t take care of them today, you will lose them tomorrow.

“One of our main crimes against our children is hypocrisy” –the minister pointed out. “Often we try to tell them the same as the Pharisee told God in his prayer: “It’s so great I am not like other people!” But gradually children start seeing our lies. Why are we so afraid to admit our imperfections?”

Let’s look how it all started. The first human Adam sinned, then he realized that he is naked and covered himself with fig leaves and hided when God called him. He said: “I heard you in the garden, and I was afraid because I was naked;so I hid.” (Genesis 3:10). But if he had made coverings for himself why did he feel naked? Why did he hide? Since then people are afraid to be vulnerable, to be imperfect. But we are imperfect: ”It is not the healthy who need a doctor” (Matthew 9:12). The state of righteousness comes when one stops being afraid to be vulnerable and imperfect. Christ returned to us righteousness and the feeling of Eden through the Cross.

“For some reason we think that Christians never fail. But can we really be that high-minded? Christians are former sinners. Yesterday we were in jail, today we have repented, put on a costume and have we  really become so high-minded then?” – the pastor asked. – “We must realize that our children learn from us not at the Sunday services. We should not create an image of a good person. Nothing human is alien to a person. We should be open-hearted, frank and sincere with them so that they could see our weakness and God’s strength in it”.

Senior pastor of the church continued the service with a sermon about a prayer. Jesus’s disciples noticed that He prayed to God  every day in  a very unusual manner – as to a very close person. And they asked: “Lord, teach us to pray!” And Jesus  taught them. This prayer is known as the prayer to Our Heavenly Father. It’s noteworthy that it starts from very intimate words: “Our Heavenly Father”, “Our Daddy!”  By this Jesus has destroyed the barrier between us and God. We tend to think that God is far away, but here He is, close to us.

People repeat prayers, and we repeat this prayer, too. “How often  should we repeat the prayer to Our Heavenly Father?” – asked the pastor. – “The right answer is “I don’t know”. Sometimes people complain: “How much can you pray?” The questions to them in return are: “How much can you eat? How much can you sleep?” “A prayer is an intimate talk with the Father, - the pastor concluded. “It is our only food and  must become a normal part of our life”.

At the first service the church blessed Dmitry Ashikhmin and Kristina Berestova and prayed for their premarital relationship.

Egor Gvozdikov 


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