On the 5th of February an artistic evening of  three Udmurt ensembles took place in the café of “Philadelphia” church in Izhevsk:  "Inkrezh" (Heavenly melody),  "Delet" (Grace) from the village of Podshivalovo and "Captchi Mylkyd" (Fun mood) from the village of Bolshaya Venya.  

Although all the ensembles perform well-known Udmurt songs, each of them has its own style and singing manner. However, the songs of "Inkrezh" ensemble, unlike other Udmurt groups, have unusual content because they are inspired by God, the Creator of all visible and invisible things. The repertoire of this ensemble is full of thanksgiving, praise and worshiping of the Almighty God and Savior! This attracts listeners’ hearts because every human soul is created by God and for God and cannot live without Him! When the Gospel sounds to the Udmurts in their native tongue it cuts to their heart, makes them repents and thank God and delivers them from sin.  On that unforgettable evening we saw those prickled Udmurt hearts and faces, though wet with tears but brighten up with Gods presence. At the end of the evening we gave the Bible in Udmurt to the comers, offered them a prayer of penance and thanked and praised God!

Maina Sashina


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