February 24 became the first day of the IV Federal conference of children’s  ministers for Volga and Ural Federal Districts. The words “Only the Scripture, only faith” was the motto of the conference.

More than 230 people came to Izhevsk from various cities and regions: Khanty-Mansijsk, Orenburg, Miass, Asbest, Zarechnyj, Sukhoj Log, Bordanovich, Ufa, Birsk, Blagoveschensk, Tchernushka, Tchaikovsky,  Perm, Pervouralsk, Salym, Tjumen, Vokinsk, Samara, Naberezhnyje Tchelny, Joshkar-Ola, Izhevsk, Sarapul, Glazov, Kambarka, villages Sharkan, Krasnousolsky and settlements such as Uva and Igra.

Anna Zhelnovakova, coordinator of Children’s Ministry for Volga and Urals Federal Districts addressed the participants with a greeting speech. Deputy Head Bishop of the Russian Union of Christians of Evangelical Faith (the RCCEF) in Volga and Ural Federal Districts Pavel Zhelnovakov reminded all the present of the importance of Children’s Ministry that we were entrusted with. A children’s worker is a person who faces difficulties in forming children’s opinion on what “pure” and “unclean” mean and can embed these notions in children’s hearts.

Head of the Children’s Ministry Department of the RCCEF Valentina Fedorova instructed on the significance of the God’s Word in our lives and lives of our children. 

Elena Filimonova, the head of the Teen’s Ministry of the New Testament Church of Perm talked on the following topic: “How can teenagers be prepared for life difficulties in the right way”. She shared the ideas from Sean Covey’s book “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens”.

In the afternoon the participants had such workshops as “Motivation increase principles in the Sunday school”, “Children’s worship”, “Biblical quizzes”, “Discover knowledge together with children”, “The age of zero to five: lessons with visualization”, “Devotion as a method to take decisions with God’s help”, “Working with teenage girls”, “Children’s outing organization”, “The teenage world: an inside look”. In addition there was a roundtable “Physically and mentally challenged children in the Sunday school”.

On February 25 bishop Vadim Maltsev from Ufa preached on three models of the Children’s Ministry. He took the excerpt from 2 Timothy 1. The Apostle Paul may serve as a good example of the first model – we can imitate the apostle by being with our children, leading them and influencing their lives. Sometimes Paul used drastic measures in the lives of his disciples and sometimes we ought to do this as well: telling children in what they sin and what kind of changes God waits from them. The second service model was shown using the example of Timothy’s grandmother Lois who had sincere faith. She was deep routed in faith and was able to pass it to her daughter and grandson. The third service model is given through the story of Timothy’s mother Eunice. This name means “victorious”. Timothy’s mother was married to a Greek, that is to a pagan. It is not easy to keep one’s faith in the circumstances when the husband does not share it and has his own strong beliefs. Eunice’s victory is seen through this perseverance in faith and passing it to her son Timothy.

In the afternoon Valentina Fedorova addressed the workers with a sermon. She pointed out the importance of reaching the goal of every children’s minister: laying the foundation of love to the word, prayer, church service, worship and church into every child’s heart. Fasting and prayer, correct, clear and interesting rendering of God’s truths at the child’s level, the personal example of applying these truths in particular life circumstances – that is what will let children to maintain faith and become God’s workers when they reach adolescence.

We learnt a lot of new things after being in “the Gallery of Ideas”. We got new ideas about working with teenagers, preparing the homework (“golden time”), organizing events, creating prayer diaries, examples of visual aids that can be used at the lesson.

At the end of the day all workers tried to sum up their thoughts, emotions, suggestions, criticism and ideas writing all this down on colored paper butterflies that were “caught” by our brothers and sisters from Ufa, thus concluding the day.

Blessing time became the most moving and precious one. Bishops Pavel Zhelnovakov and Vadim Maltsev prayed with an intercession prayer for each region and regional coordinators. We had special moments with the Lord while feeling that we are one friendly family.

Marina Nepomyaschaya

Anastasya Nabokova, Myass

“Today the children’s ministers have eyes that shine with joy because God filled us in abundance with revelations, special experience, thoughts, ideas, answers and blessings during this conference. We are going to remember the wonderful worship time, deep sermons, the gallery of ideas, new methods of reflexing, the blessing prayer by the bishops and all this good time together. We are going to share this experience from God with others again and again. I want to thank those who have been praying for the participants in this conference, supporting and encouraging us”.



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