The first social project uniting organizations working with the disabled children in the Udmurt republic was held in Izhevsk. There were inclusive theater plays performed at different venues in Izhevsk where physically and mentally challenged children and their parents took part. There were workshops on ceramics, paper and plastic hand-made techniques and a presentation of Elena Denisova-Radzinskaya’s book (Moscow) “We are all made of the same clay”. In addition the exhibition of creative works of disabled children from various comprehensive and boarding schools of our republic was held. The ministry workers of “Philadelphia” church took part in the play based on the book by Radzinskaya.

The projected united kindergartens, schools, theatres, creative studios, funds and associations who have dealt with education, habilitation and rehabilitation of the disabled children on a regular basis for many years. The project was supported and got help from city and republican authorities. The main thing is that the challenged children took part in cultural events among other children and adults feeling their significance and potential for further development and socialization.

On December 3, the International Disability Day, “We are all made of the same clay” project organizers confirmed that this project would be held annually.


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