Dear ministers of the Christ’s church, peace to you!

A remarkable year for the Protestant Church, the jubilee year 2017 has come, and we have truly become closer to salvation than we were when we just came to faith. The year that has come, as well as many other years, bears God's opportunities for His Church. I want to express gratitude to all of you who in this difficult time continues to lay their life in ministering to God.

You know that this year is proclaimed by the authorities of the Russian Church as “The Year of Evangelism”. I invite you all, dear pastors and leaders, to our annual Conference for pastors and leaders of Volga Federal District devoted to evangelism. I am praying that this time is especially dedicated to meditating on the ways of salvation and to prayer about His church called to prepare the way for the Lord in our modern conditions. Rebellious world challenges the Church in a desperate attempt that it will lose the battle for many people in our land. We do not have a right to back down or give up especially on the 500th anniversary of Reformation…

We cannot stand this battle without deep renewal of realizing how great His promises are to all who are obedient to His word. We are still on our way to heaven where we would like to see not only our loved ones but also many other people for whom Jesus died on the Calvary. This holy ministry is our true destiny…

With love and prayer,

Bishop Pavel Zhelnovakov

Start of the conference: February 10 at 17:00, February 11 at 9:00

On Saturday we will have round tables on the presented topics.

Enrolment and registration for the conference: Karina Azovtseva, secretary of the church +7 (3412) 612-007, +7 (919) 911-15-24, 


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