10 Oct 2017

Rejoice always

Do you want to grow in relationship with the Lord? There are well-known steps for that: read the Bible, go to church, be in the presence of Christians to be fueled by His Spirit. Besides that, one of the most important moments on the way of growing in God is service to Him.  Pastor Alexey Korepanov preached about that on October 8 at the Sunday service in “Philadelphia” church in Izhevsk.

If you hear God’s calling to service do not stop yourselves with questions like «Do I really need this right now? Maybe it can wait? ». God is not Someone, who gives ideas without thinking. The pastor noted that God’s calling is like giving medicine to the ill — they need it right here right now. On the contrary, be afraid to refuse from God’s calling because God prepares your heart before offering something to you. When you refuse from God’s presence you become like a beautiful clean house and attractive house, as we find out from Jesus’s speech (Matthew 12:43—45) — over time laziness, indifference and carelessness will settle there.

Pastor Alexey Obukhov preached about offence and ability to always rejoice. How do you rejoice when your circumstances are not the best? The answer to that is not to give in to sin. Sin, as the pastor notices, is always a torment for a soul, it is like missing a target. Such torment takes away one’s peace and joy.  

The pastor directed everybody’s attention to some places from the Scripture where everyday offence took over. Cain about whom the mother of humankind Eve said:  “With the help of the Lord I have brought forth a man.” (Genesis, chapter 4), — killed his brother of jealousy and being offended at God. Sarah, who was unfertile until great age, being offended at God fulfilled her own plan of birthing the inheritor. After that, she blamed her husband Abraham for her own misfortune. She sent away her servant, who gave birth to the inheritor, together with the child (Genesis, chapter 16).

However something different happened to Hannah, mother of prophet Samuel (1 Samuel, chapter 1). Hannah was so upset that she wept heavily and refused to eat, but she was not offended at anyone. Instead, she asked God to give her son promising to give him to the Lord’s temple for service. God heard her prayer and gave her son after which Hannah fulfilled her promise.

The pastor called to overcome with God’s help everything, which provokes us to offence and not to try to change everybody else around us but rather to test our own hearts and change them.

Egor Gvozdikov





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