On November 4 the first regional conference for teenagers was held in “Philadelphia” church.

The goal of the conference was to encourage the young to value their time, to show the importance of personal relationships with God and to motivate them to implement their talents as in church, so in life.  

Although it was the first conference held by the Teen Ministry of the church more than 130 teens and 50 teen ministers came to Izhevsk from different localities of Udmurtia and neighboring regions.

The title of the conference was “Your time”. There is proper time for every decision and event. When we are young we think that we’ve got plenty of time and we have the whole life ahead of us. That is why it is so important not to waste it. During the day the teens and minsters studied the Bible, prayed, worshiped God, shared their experience and talked to one another.

Pavel Zhelnovakov, senior pastor of “Philadelphia” church opened the conference and gave a pep talk. The speakers of the conference were youth pastor of “Philadelphia” church Vladimir Batalov, youth pastor of “Church of God” in Izhevsk Abdullahi Yakubu, the minister of the junior teen group of “Philadelphia” church Andrey Usmanov. Each of them spoke sermons concerning the time the teens are living at and how they can serve God and people.

At the topical seminars the teenagers got some practical advice concerning sharing the gospel and media ministry, found out what criteria they should take into account when choosing music, films and books and how they can use their creativity in ministry to God.

The leader of the teen ministry Dmitry Bushmelev and the dance ministry of “Philadelphia” church closed that significant event.

It was a good opportunity for the participants of the conference to meet new friends and good time to accept God’s word and worship Him.

Roman Mukhametdinov

Account to God

Regional end-of-year conference for leaders took place on December 23 in Izhevsk