19 Feb 2017

The way of love

On the 19th of Fabruary “Philadelphia” church in Izhevsk had a Lord’s supper service. Through the lens of this event pastor Dmitry Vladykin preached about the way where you cannot get lost. (Isaiah 35:8). Nobody likes getting lost on roads, that is why on highways they usually place direction signs. But here the question arises, how not to get lost on your way of life. Many people think that if you possess certain information, read books, including Christian ones, you will avoid mistakes, but this is not so. The only way where you will not get lost is the way of love. God wants us to open our hearts for others and start to serve not only to your close friends and relatives but also to people who cannot give you anything in return.

Ilijas Mukhametdinov continued the service. He paid attention to the 13th chapter of the Gospel of John. Reading about the Last Supper, we see manifestation of the perfect love of Christ to His desciples: he washed their feet. This is the real demonstration of love that God is waiting from us. But here we should not limit ourselves with the washing of feet, for there are many other ways to show love to people. In the end the preacher suggested that we should think about how we can love people and what we can do for that.

Irina Konovalova



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