The Third Children’s Conference for the churches “Philadelphia” of the Udmurt Republic was held in Izhevsk on June 4. We named it “You are special”. The goal of the conference was to show the kids that each of them is special and has some gifts from the Lord, with which they can serve God. The words of Christ from John 15: 16 were the key verse of the conference: “…I chose you…”

200 kids and adults from all the branches of our church and other churches of Izhevsk visited the conference.

Many kids sang songs and some of them performed amusing sketches. Pastor Aleksey Obukhov was the speaker of the conference and shared the sermon that inspired the children. He said that everyone is valuable for God, that is why all of us are special. Even Gideon and other God’s men who considered themselves ordinary were the special people for God and served Him with the gifts given to them. So are we: the Lord gives everyone various talents, all we must do is believe that and understand how we can serve people and God.

All the kids enjoyed the game that our brothers and sisters from “The Royal Rangers” held after a dinner break. The kids were divided into teams and passed the game levels showing their different abilities. The kid’s musical band “Radost” (“Joy”) of “Philadelphia” church of Izhevsk and their parents sang a song written by the church’s minister Nadezhda Korepanova.

We thank God for all the teens from the Teen ministry, wh

o served as ushers, led worship, helped laying the tables, and were the leaders of the teams during the game. Of course, unforgettable memories were left by the dance performed by the girls from the dance ministry. Everyone contributed into this conference the talents given to them by God.

The children were very content when they received the candy floss when they were going out of the hall.  

May God bless all the servants and the kids and show us how we can serve with the gifts and talents given to us by Him. We are looking forward to seeing everyone next year!

Marina Nepomyashchaya
























































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